3 Archos Smartwatch Options

As stated in our previous article of the Archos smartwatch, Archos is aiming to release a smartwatch that has both functionality and a low price tag.  At this year’s CES, Archos has announced that it will be fulfilling that rumor, and not just in one way.

Archos plans to release 3 different versions of its smartwatch this coming year, and two of the models will be available for $100 or less.  All three will be priced at under $150, the price of the current cheapest smartwatch on the market, the Pebble.

The first model of the Archos smartwatch will be available for only $50, $100 less than the current cheapest smartwatch!  This more rugged version will sport a 1.55-inch non-capacitive, black-and-white, memory LCD, as well as promising a battery life of one to two weeks.

The next model will be available for $100 dollars, and comes with a color display about the size of an iPod nano, and will have about 1.5-2 days of battery life.

The highest tier Archos smartwatch will be priced at $130, and will come with an e-ink curved display encased in aluminum.

These smartwatches will come with most of the features seen in the Pebble smartwatch like social media, text, email, and call notifications, as well as media playback controls.  Like the Pebble, it can be tethered to both iOS and Android operating phones.

Archos’ 3 smartwatches are projected to be released at some time in the summer this year, although it is most likely that all 3 will not be released at the same time. (3)

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