Galaxy Gear watches shipped at over 800,000

In order to quiet rumors that the Samsung Galaxy Gear sales had only reached 50000 units sold  since its release on the market, Samsung announced that over 800000 units of the smartwatch have been shipped to date.  Some websites had started rumors that the Gear had only managed 50000 units sold worldwide, which turns out to be the amount that has been sold in Samsung’s home country, South Korea.  BusinessKorea reports that sales are between 800 and 900 units a day, which is significantly below the predicted amount.  Best Buy stores had also reported return rates on the Gear at over 30%, causing Samsung to ask employees of its Best Buy-based Samsung Experience to ask customers why they were unsatisfied with the product.

Despite having lower than predicted sales, with over 800000 units shipped, the Gear has surpassed the Pebble and the Sony Smartwatch 2 in sales, making it the most popular smartwatch in the relatively new smartwatch market.  Bundle packages in some countries allow people to receive the smartwatch along with their Samsung Galaxy phone when signing a 2 year contract, which has helped to boost sales of the Gear.  With sales numbers like these for such a mediocre product, it is safe to say there is a good chance you will see other companies popping up with their own version of the smartwatch fairly soon. (0)

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