AdWork Media (AWM) – The Best CPA Network – Payment Proof

Capture 293x300 AdWork Media (AWM)   The Best CPA Network   Payment Proof

AdWorkMedia Payment Proof September 2013

If you aren’t aware of what CPA Networks are, CPA or Cost Per Action are Advertising networks that pay their publishers when an action is completed contrary to CPC or CPM where they pay publishers when a click or impression occurs. CPA Publishing is a great way for publishers with exclusive content to make a lot of money. For eg:- if you have an e-book you don’t want to sell, you could upload it to your CPA Account and then when a person downloads your file after completing a survey, you get paid for it.

Anyways, I am not trying to tell you what CPA Networks are. Instead, I am trying to tell you what a wonderful CPA network AdWork Media or AWM is. I never thought I could earn cash with CPAs, but what you see above is my first earning from a CPA Network and I am glad that it was AWM. The best decision I ever took was to stick with AWM even when I couldn’t make a penny. But, the only thing that kept me stuck to AWM was the “no-words-to-praiseSupport team they have. They have a great support team on the network. Mainly, there are two guys – David Mackler and Dennis Weiss. No matter what, these guys will always provide you support with anything. They also provide live support via Skype and AIM.

I’ve got lot of things to talk about them, but everything I’d talk about revolves around this question, you’d ask, “Why choose AdWork Media or AWM over others?” So, I will list down the reasons why you should choose AWM over other CPA Networks:-

  • Fanatabulous Support.
  • Great Rates and EPC.
  • Payment via PayPal, Payza, Western Union, Check etc.
  • Easy to integrate API and Postback.
  • Product Locker and Link Locker API.
  • Detailed instructions for setting up postback for Shiftcode, FS revolution etc.
  • NET 30 Payments.
  • AdWorkMedia Prepaid Master Card powered by Payoneer.

Speaking of the truth, these are only the points that come to my mind when I think of AdWork Media, but there’s a whole lot for you inside. Get started right away:-

468x60 AdWork Media (AWM)   The Best CPA Network   Payment Proof


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