Apple Deal For iWatch Display

We now have one of the first real signs that Apple may soon be on it’s way to introducing the the world to the iWatch.  Perhaps sparked by Google’s announcement that it may soon begin manufacturing its own version of the smartwatch, Apple is now reported to be close to striking a deal with LG Display to be its provider of OLED displays, which would be used as the screen for the iWatch.  OLED displays are organic light emitting diodes that work without a backlight and are flexible.  These properties would make it ideal for Apple to use in the new iWatch.  LG Display will be Apple’s second supplier for OLED displays, after the Taiwan-based company RiTDisplay.

Samsung, a Korean company that has its own version of the smartwatch, the Galaxy Gear, was also said to have met with Apple to discuss its also being a supplier of OLED displays, but negotiations were not successful.

Apple seems to be accelerating its focus on the iWatch as more and more companies begin to produce their own version of the smartwatch, especially with Apple’s #1 competitor Google reported to begin production of their own smartwatch with Asian manufacturers soon.  Please check back soon for more news of the Apple deal for iWatch display. (2)

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