Apple iWatch to Arrive in October 2014

After months and months of rumors about the release date of the Apple iWatch, a reliable source has finally announced that the iWatch will be released in October of 2014.  This long awaited smartwatch will be released along with Apple’s next generation of iPhone, although there are currently 2 prototypes of the iWatch, and the version that will be used has not been determined yet.

The final size of the iWatch has not yet been determined.  One problem Apple has encountered with the development of the iWatch is battery life, as it uses a 100 mAh battery.  To put this in perspective, Apple’s rival Samsung’s Galaxy Gear has a 315 mAh battery and has been reported to only hold a charge for 1-2 days.  Apple is currently looking for a way to extend the watch’s battery life from 1-2 days to 4-5 days.  Fortunately the iWatch will come with a wireless charging dock that would be able to charge from up to a meter away, which would help with battery life problems.

Source – Mac Rumors (2)

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