Why Apple Has Not Released an iWatch

With the recent boom in electronics producers coming up with their own versions of the smartwatch, many people have begun to wonder where Apple is in the midst of the hype and excitement.  Apple always seems to be hyping up one product or another of theirs, whether it’s the next Macbook, iPhone, or iPad.  With news that Google may soon release their own version of the smartwatch fairly soon, many people are starting to wonder why there is no news about Apple jumping in on the action.  What some people may not realize is that taking it slow on the new smartwatch market may be a good move for Apple.

So far there have not really been many noteworthy smartwatches developed by any company, given the amount of hype and attention the new technology has received.  While there have been some nice useful gadgets like the MetaWatch STRATA and the Pebble, there have not been any smartwatches that are really very useful without the use of a smartphone.  Consumers hope that the release of the rumored Google smartwatch will change that, with many people related to Google saying that it will address the issues of usefulness and battery life.  The Google smartwatch could be the next big breakthrough on the smartwatch market.  Everyone was left wondering why apple has not released an iWatch yet.

In recent years it has become a precedent that people wait for Apple to develop their own version of the latest computing device to see whether it is really worth buying.  Apple is not always the quickest to react to every whim of the public, but when they do develop a product, they do it the right way.  The product most likely isn’t going to be the cheapest, but there is a good chance that it will be the best.

Apple has recognized that there are not any smartwatches that are taking over the market, and until that happens, there is a good chance that they will not release an iWatch.  There have been some products that gained some popularity during the hype, such as the Pebble which has sold over 100,000 units, but it is nothing close to what people imagined when they think of a smartwatch.  Other producers will continue to try to take advantage of the smartwatch bandwagon and quickly release their own version, but if you want to see a smartwatch done right, just wait and see what Apple comes out with when they finally produce their iWatch.

As for substitutes until the iWatch arrives, I recommend the Pebble or the MetaWatch STRATA. (2)

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