Backup apps and games in .apk format on Android

appbr Backup apps and games in .apk format on Android

App Backup & Restore

Having to install applications and games after each Factory reset is a hassle and backing up some applications becomes top priority when flashing a new ROM or upgrading firmware. There’re many ways to backup your applications. But, today I want you guys to know about an application called App Backup & Restore by Mobi Infolife. The app has a rating of 4.6 on Play Store.

App Backup & Restore lets you:-
1. Backup Applications on your Phone (Internal or SD Card) in .apk format.
2. Batch Restore backed up applications.
3. Share the backed up .apks directly from App Backup & Restore UI.
4. Auto Backup i.e., this will backup an application as soon as it’s installed.

Now, if you ask me how App Backup & Restore is different from Titanium Backup it’s simple. Titanium doesn’t backup apps and games in .apk format, but App Backup & Restore does which makes it simple to share. (7)

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