Why Not to Buy the Galaxy Gear

While Samsung may have created a hypothetically great product, the Samsung Galaxy Gear was far from what it was hyped up to be.  With it’s touch screen, voice commands, and many other high tech features, the Galaxy gear seemed like it was going to be the next big thing on the technology market, as it was the closest to what people had dreamed of when they thought “SmartWatch”.

Unfortunately for both Samsung and Galaxy Gear customers, the price people pay fro the Gear is not worth it.  Almost 1/3 of Galaxy Gear’s purchased from Best Buy have been returned.  I have done some research on the topic found out a lot of the reasons why these watches have been so unsuccessful at appeasing customers.

One of the biggest problems with the Gear is that there is only one phone it is compatible for use with: the Galaxy Note 3.  While Samsung recently released an update that allows the watch to be used with the Galaxy S4 as well, this still severely restricts possible market for the Galaxy Gear.  They plan to soon produce another update that will allow the watch to be used with the Note II, Galaxy S III, and Galaxy S4 Active, but most customers are still unhappy with the few amount of options they are given to use alongside their fancy new smartwatch.

Another reason for the high return rate of the Gear is that it just doesn’t do enough for the price that is put on it.  The main features of the Gear, notification, voice commands, and a camera, were not much more convenient to use than just pulling out your phone and doing the same tasks with it.  Emails can only be read through the use of Samsung’s email app, which few people use as their main email source.  The voice assistant is incredibly slow and very inaccurate.  The camera that comes on the watch was used by few people, and for few purposes other than showing off that they actually had a camera on their watch.  T3 writes, “the Samsung Galaxy Gear never made us feel like we needed it, in fact the more we used it the more useless it became. The notifications – its primary use – are basic, the apps are few and far between and the voice smarts are disappointing.”  For a gadget that delivers notifications in a mediocre way, and has no extra appealing features, the utility of the Gear should be priced at way less than $300.

The last, and one of the biggest complaints about the Gear was its battery life.  While a color touch screen and voice assistance are nice features, most users find that they cannot get more than a day’s use out of the watch.  This was considered to be a huge letdown, as most people do not purchase a watch with plans of having to charge it every night.  While watches like the Pebble and MetaWatch STRATA do not have color or touch screen features, they are compatible for use with a large number of different and more commonly used phones, as well as having a 5-7 days of battery life.  That and the fact that the Pebble is less than half the cost of the Gear, and the STRATA is still $120 less, give far more reason to look into the purchase of the STRATA and Pebble than the Gear. (0)

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