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  • Rock Smartwatch Scam

    Rock Smartwatch Scam

    The Rock smartwatch, a smartwatch that claimed to be made for durability but also high functionality, was a Kickstarter campaign started by Vak Sambath.  The project was launched out December 7 and had raised […]

  • New Nike Smartwatch in Start of 2014

    New Nike Smartwatch in Start of 2014

    Nike is reported to be in the process of developing another smartwatch to follow up the Nike+SportsWatch and Fuelband SE.  This Nike smartwatch is reported by a Taiwan supply source to be released in the first half […]

  • ZTE Smartwatch to be Released in 2014

    ZTE Smartwatch to be Released in 2014

    With lots of companies announcing arrivals of their own smartwatch, the ZTE smartwatch will be released in the second quarter of 2014.  Much like the Galaxy Gear, ZTE’s smartwatch will only work with ZTE […]

  • Neptune Pine’s Reinvented Smartwatch

    Neptune Pine’s Reinvented Smartwatch

    Thus far into the smartwatch market, all we have come to see from companies are smartphone companions.  These nifty little gadgets can connect to a smartphone using bluetooth and allow you receive notifications on […]

  • Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch Release

    Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch Release

    Though it may be a little pricy at $350, Qualcomm’s Toq smartwatch poses to be at the front of the smartwatch frontier, hoping to make many advances past what previous smartwatches have been able […]

  • Samsung Galaxy Gear Review

    Samsung Galaxy Gear Review

    Have you heard all the hype about the new smartwatches? Well, if you have you have probably heard about the new Samsung Galaxy Gear. Is this smartwatch all hype, or is it really worth […]