Chinese man caught smuggling 66 iPhones strapped to his body

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Chinese man strapped 66 iPhones to his body

Yes, 66 iPhones! Apple producst don’t havea  huge market share in China and Apple has been wondering why the sales have dropped drastically in China. Though the China Mobile Network doesn’t support iPhone, China still has about 10 million iPhone users.

A Chinese man was caught at Luoho Border while crosssing from Hong Kong to Shenzen. The man was wearing casual trousers, a checked shirt and was carrying a plastic bag. If it weren’t for his stiff gait and movement, the customs officials would have let him moveto the mainland after they checked the plastic bag and found nothing. When the customs officials checked his body, they were surprised to find 66 iPhones strapped to his abdomen.

Buying iPhones from Hong Kong and selling them in China does bring a profit opportunity and this man could have made fortune if he could make it through to the mainland.

Surprisingly, four others were caught trying to smuggle iPhones the same day and this included a guy who tried to smuggle 16 iPhones in the same way as the man with the 66 iphones did. (2)

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