Edward Snowden’s First American TV Interview – May 28

edward snowden nbc interview 300x168 Edward Snowdens First American TV Interview   May 28

Edward Snowden, a former NSA employee who worked for the NSA as a subcontractor through a tech consulting company called Booz Allen, will be giving his first ever TV interview on May 28.

Snowden was responsible for leaking a large number of documents about NSA procedures, which were originally hidden from the American people,  to the public, after which he fled to Hong Kong and was eventually granted asylum in Russia.

Snowden has since discussed his leaks and their implications with magazines and foreign television stations, but has not yet had a chance to talk with an American television station.

Snowden’s one on one interview with Brian Williams will air on NBC on May 28 at 10PM.  The interview will not necessarily include any not yet known information, but it will further publicize the intelligence gathering debate. (3)

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