Firefox 23 Update for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

Firefox 23 300x180 Firefox 23 Update for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android

Firefox 23

Mozilla Corporation recently updated Firefox browser to the latest version – Firefox 23. This update is available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android users. One noticeable thing about the latest version is a brand new logo.

Firefox 23 for Desktops comes with a improved mixed content blocker which protects you from losing valuable data. For developers, this version comes with a new network monitor. Along with several minor tweaks come more options to choose search providers.

Another great feature is a share button on the Toolbar that lets you share content directly from the browser.

Coming to Android, Firefox 23 brings a lot of changes and improvements too. It includes an Awesome screen with URL Auto Complete letting you visit your favorite URLs with ease as the browser completes the URL for you. It has a dynamic toolbar which hides the navigation bar when you scroll down,making browsing easier. You also get faster tab switching along with easier RSS subscription. For devices without access to Reader Mode, Firefox 23 lets users add pages to their reading list.

If you want to know, what else this version brings to Android, read the official Blog:-

Firefox for Android Makes Mobile Browsing Faster & Easier

Anyways, here’s a list of changes we grabbed from tech2:-

  • NEW: Dynamic toolbar hides navigation bar when scrolling down page content.
  • NEW: Basic support for subscribing to feeds (RSS/Atom) with long-tap in address bar.
  • NEW: Add pages to reading list on devices incapable of accessing Reader Mode.
  • NEW: Preliminary implementation of Firefox Health Report for Android (see FAQ).
  • NEW: Added a setting to let users display URLs in the title bar instead of page titles.
  • NEW: Users can now specify a default search engine.
  • NEW: Implemented switch-to-tab.
  • NEW: Added hu and tr to Android multi-locale builds.
  • NEW: Added Serif/Sans Serif font toggle to Reader Mode.
  • NEW: Long press Reader Mode icon to add article to Reading List (try it!).
  • CHANGED: Awesomescreen remembers user entered search terms.
  • CHANGED: CSP policies using the standard syntax and semantics will now be enforced.
  • DEVELOPER: Write more accessible pages on touch interfaces with new ARIA role for key buttons.
  • DEVELOPER: Added unprefixed requestAnimationFrame.
  • DEVELOPER: HTML5 input type=”range” form control implemented.
  • DEVELOPER: Dropped blink effect from text-decoration: blink; and completely removed element.
  • FIXED:Various security fixes.


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