Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear Neo

Just as expected, Samsung has released its second version of the Galaxy Gear at this year’s MWC.  This version of the Galaxy Gear will run on a different operating system developed by Samsung called Tizen. Supposedly, this should be lighter weight so as to allow for more room in the watch for other things.

Unfortunately this change has not helped the problem of the Gear’s bulk since the Gear 2 is only 1 mm smaller than the original Galaxy Gear.

On the upside, the Gear 2 will have about 2-3 days of battery life for regular usage and up to 6 days of battery life for low usage, as compared to daily charges that were necessary for the Galaxy Gear.

The Gear 2 is now also compatible with quite a few Samsung phones, although this is still a disappointing aspect of the Gear 2 since most smartwatches in development are at least compatible with all android powered phones, if not iOS and Android phones.

The Galaxy Gear 2 has a 2MP camera on the body watch, which means watch bands are changeable, with 6 different colors for users to choose from.

The biggest news about the Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Gear Neo is that they will both run on Intel and Samsung’s Linux based operating system, Tizen.

Not many differences between the Neo and the Gear 2 have been seen yet, although it is reported that the Neo will not come with a camera, meaning it will most likely be cheaper, with the Gear 2 being priced at $249. (2)

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