GameStick – Android based microconsole to hit markets on Oct 29

gamestick 1 300x168 GameStick   Android based microconsole to hit markets on Oct 29

PlayJam GameStick

PlayJam has finally announced that it’s Android based microconsole device called GameStick will be launching on October 29 worldwide via stores like GameStop and online via stores like Amazon. GameStick will be launched at a retail price of $80 in North America and £80 in United Kingdom.

The detailed specs about the device haven’t been revealed yet. Anyways, the CEO of PlayJam, Jasper Smith was quoted as saying, “But ultimately, what we want to do is plug GameStick’s network into as many other TV-relevant devices as possible because, for our developer network to get value out of what we’re doing, we need to be serving tens of millions of devices – and however successful we are with selling GameStick, we’re unlikely to sell tens of millions of them in the next few years” to Gamsutra during an interview.

Jasper also told them that they are releasing the micro console at rates lower than what another company (unknown) will be selling their device for. So, basically PlayJam plans to dominate almost every device related to and/or similar to TVs.

The below Scribd will detail the games that will be available on GameStick during launch and the devlopers:-

GameStick launch titles

Stay tuned for more. (3)

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