Google G Watch to Launch in Summer

LG G Watch 009 300x180 Google G Watch to Launch in Summer

Google’s long awaited smartwatch seems to be coming to fruition as soon as this summer.  The company’s new smartwatch called the “G Watch”, will give consumers the information they need, such as traffic and weather, without them having to ask for it.

The G Watch will run a version of Android software for what Google calls “wearable screens”.  The Korean manufacturing company LG gave consumers a sneak preview of the upcoming smartwatch at Battersea power station in London on Tuesday.

The Google G Watch will be marketed at about $300 (or 180 British Pounds) a pop.  It will also be marketed as waterproof, making it a much safer investment for people who decide to purchase it.  It will also have voice control, a square 2 inch display, and will most likely work with most LG smartphones. (4)

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