Google Prepares to Release SmartWatch

With so many companies preparing to release their on version for the smartwatch, people related with Google recently stated that Google was in the later development stages for their own smartwatch, which could begin production with Asian manufacturers very soon.

The watch will run on Android and will have Google Now integrated.  Google Now is “an intelligent personal assistant developed by Google that is available within the Google Search mobile application for the Android and iOS operating systems.”  Integration of Google Now will allow the Google smartwatch to have much more functionality independent of a cell phone, unlike most smartwatches released to this date.

In producing its own smartwatch, Google is hoping to address the two main negative aspects of other smartwatches:  useful applications and battery life.  As smartwatches that have attempted to do the same things Google plans to do with its watch have failed in the aspect of creating a lasting battery life, Google hopes to create a watch that is both aesthetically pleasing and does not require daily charges, something that has frustrated many smartwatch users.  Google also plans to develop more advanced applications so that its smartwatch can accomplish a large number of tasks independent of its smartphone counterpart, unlike the Galaxy Gear.

In developing a working and useful smartwatch, Google would have a significant head start on all other companies in respect to development of wearable technologies, as it has already developed Google Glass, a wearable computer that would be worn in the same manner as glasses.  the Google Glass idea is not something that has been attempted before by other companies, which makes it very unique and helps consumers to identify Google with wearable technology, although companies such as Samsung and Microsoft have begun research and development of similar technologies.

Wearable technology is a quickly growing market, as it is predicted to hit a value of $1.4 billion this year.  As more and more companies develop reliable technology and are able to produce it at lower cost, more people will begin to purchase their own wearable technology.  The market is predicted to be worth $19 billion by 2018. (1)

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