iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S images leaked

iPhone 5C iPhone 5S iPhone 5 300x192 iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S images leaked

iPgone 5C, iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 side by side. Source-Weibo

Couple of days ago, pictures of Apple’s rumored low-cost iPhones – iPhone 5C and iPhone 5S leaked on Chinese micro blogging website Weibo. The picture above shows iPhone 5S (left), iPhone 5C (center) and iPhone 5 (right). From this image, it’s pretty much clear that there isn’t a difference in the display size. But, one thing to be kept in mind is that iphone 5S and iPhone 5C in the image are dummy pieces and not actual phones.

There doesn’ seem to be much difference in the design department of the two new iPhones. As for the fingerprint sensor, these images are not enough to say anything for sure. And, there are no reports of the specifications yet.

Anyways, Apple is expected to announce the new iPhones in an event on 10 September. There’re also reports stating that these iPhones will be launched soon after the event. (1)

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