LG Smartwatch To Join Wearable Tech Battle

As tech giants’ battle for the wearable tech industry continues to heat up, and LG smartwatch is announced to be joining in with both a smartwatch and health wristband.  With many companies already announcing that their own smartwatch will arrive soon, it is no surprise that the Korean multinational conglomerate is adding its own participant.

Reports indicate that LG’s smartwatch will be called the G Arch and its health wristband, which will most likely have many of the same features of the Nike Fuelband, will be called the G Health.  It is like that the smartwatch will work alongside LG smartphones, although there are no definite reports as to whether or not it will work with other android powered phones.

Korean news site Blog of Mobile reports that LG has filed multiple trademarks for possible wearable tech devices, including G Watch, G Band, and G Arch.

As for upcoming smartphones from LG, the company is reported to be developing its next big phone, the G3, which wil include finger print scanning technology, a first in the smartphone industry.

Stay tuned for more news on the G Arch and the G Health, as well as other smartwatches as the smartwatch industry as it continues to grow. (2)

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