LG Working on Google Smartwatch

Just recently TechCrunch has reported that LG and Google may be working together in an attempt to soon release Google’s first rendition of its long awaited smartwatch.  The device could launch as soon as mid-March, and it expected to be announced at the Google I/O event that’s scheduled to take place in the second half of June.

Google is currently deciding on whether to use a plastic or metal wristband, and it reported to include a “colorful digital display featuring a gradient background where colors gently fade from one to the next.”.

Like most smartwatches, the Google smartwatch will connect to android powered phones using bluetooth.  Reports say that this Google smartwatch will be integrated with Google Now alerts, just as the upcoming HTC smartwatch is reported to have.

As of right now all prototypes of the smartwatch are under lockdown in a high security Google facility in order to avoid leaks about data or appearances of Google’s smartwatch. (2)

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