Martian Smartwatch Custom Vibrations

One of the few smartwatches that has not been covered by SmartwatchForiPhone is the Martian Smartwatch.  This is mainly due to the fact that It can barely be considered a smartwatch because for the most part it is just a regular watch, but it does have some smart features like lights on its watch face and a small line that can print out text for information.

At this year’s CES Martian smartwatch has gotten smarter with custom vibrations based on the kinda of notification the user is receiving.  This newer version, the Martian Notifier, does not include voice control that came with other Martian smartwatches, but all other features remain the same, and Siri or Google Voice can be activated with the click of a button.

The Notifier can work alongside iOS and Android operating phones, and using the companion app, you can set up custom vibrations based on the smartphone app that is notifying you (e.g. two short vibrations for a text message).

The Martian is available for purchase from Amazon. (1)

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