Microsoft Office Mobile launched for Android users in India

office365 text 312027351206 640x360 300x168 Microsoft Office Mobile launched for Android users in India

Microsoft Office Mobile. Source-tech2

Microsoft launched Office Mobile for the US public a month ago. And, now its available for more countries. To be precise, 14 countries have been added to the list which includes India. The Application is available in 33 languages which doesn’t include any Indian languages.

The Application, in total has been made to 116 countries. Anyone residing in these countries can download the app for their Android device from Google Play but note everyone with the app can work with their Excel, Word and Powerpoint documents. Instead, these options are made available only to the Office 365 Subscribers.

You can edit your documents without affecting the layout. You can also access your documents on Skydrive or Skydrive Pro. Another feature is resume reading, which lets users resume reading their documents from the exact point where they left it off, regardless whether they last read it on their PC or on the device.

Those who are not Office 365 Subscribers can try it for 30 days free-of-cost. (0)

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