Pakistan ISI might have hacked BSNL database using spyware

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BSNL Office. Source-livemint

India is already under tension after the news of 5 soldiers being killed in a firing as Pakistani militants and soldiers crossed the Loc to India fired upon Indian soldiers who were patrolling at Poonch Sector. A day after that, Indian Intelligence Bureau suspects that Pakistan’s ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) might have planted a spyware in BSNL databases.

BSNL, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited is a State Owned Network which provides services like Landlines, Mobile Services and works with other organisations to prevent cyber-crimes. The networks has a huge amount of subscribers in India and most Government offices have BSNL network as their primary.

In Februrary, a BSNL employee received a call from a Pakistani Intelligence operative who posed himself as Major Vijay from the Army Headquarters and the unsuspecting employee when asked for sensitive information passed it to Pakistan via e-mail. The operative replied with 3 other links and asked the employee to open it on his computer. These links are being suspected of installing the spyware on BSNL databases.

This was quoted from Business Line’s website:-

“The intelligence operatives have been using the stratagem of calling phone numbers of security forces posing as officers belonging to Army or Navy headquarters. They have also been making calls under assumed identity by using spoofed numbers to various banks and railway officials,” stated an internal Government document seen by Business Line.

With access to BSNL’s databases Pakistani operatives have been posing as Indian Military officers calling from Military headquarters with spoofed numbers via VoIP and have been able to grab important information like Military Installations, reported the Hindu Newspaper.

CRPF officers, Indian Railway Officers and some bank employees have been reported as being latest targets and Pakistani agents “have succeeded in ferreting out sensitive information from persons attending these calls.”

Right now, IB is working with BSNL to weed out the spyware. Defence Minister AK Antony told lawmakers at New Delhi that a “strong protest” has been lodged against Pakistan after the killings and the cyber-spying allegations.

To every Indian - Please do not accept any calls that might feel a bit fishy to you. If you’re a Government employee or if you know some let them know about this. Share this article and leave your comments. (2)

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