Potential Wireless and Solar iWatch Charging

One of the biggest problems with smartwatches thus far in the smartwatch market is the lack of long battery life to go with functionality and good looks.  Apple hopes to solve this problem for the future iWatch using a couple methods.

The first method would be solar iWatch charging, so that the watch would be able to charge whenever worn in sunlight.  This would be accomplished using a solar panel layer in the watch display, the New York Times reports, although there have also been reports that this kind of technology could be years away.

There is also a possibility that Apple could be producing some sort of wireless charging technology which would allow the watch to charge without having to be plugged in.  It is clear that this is possible as Nokia has managed to do it with its smartphones, although Apple’s Senior marketing VP Phil Schiller is doubtful about the usefulness of a wireless charging device, as it would just be another thing to plugin and may only make things more complicated.

Although Apple may be struggling with battery technology for its future smartwatch, it is still predicted to release an iWatch somewhere around October of this year. (2)

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