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Final Fantasy VII on PPSSPP. Source-ppsspp

A few days ago, we reported about the first Nintendo DS emulator on Android. If you ever wondered whether Android devices were capable of playing PSP Games, this was earlier proved by Sony Ericsson Xperia Play though it was totally legal and with PlayStation Certificate. The author behind the Dolphin Emulator (the most popular Nintendo Wii Emulator available on the Web) has proved that if Xperia Play can do it, so can any other Android Device.

PPSSPP is their project which is a PSP emulator currently available for Android, Windows (not Windows Phone), iOS, Blackberry, Meego, Symbian, MacOS X and Linux. The latest version of PPSSPP is 0.8.1. The next major version 0.9 is set to release by mid-August.

They also provide Gold version of the PPSSPP on Android and Windows. This version is the same as the normal one but if you want to support the development, you can buy the Gold version for Windows and/or Android.

Here’re some unique features of PPSSPP:-

1. Play in Full HD
PPSSPP lets you play your PSP games in Full HD resolution on PC and Android.

2. Screen adjustment
PPSSPP automatically adjusts the screen i.e., if your device has a higher resolution than the original PSP, the emulator will automatically increase the resolution. The team claims that at times you can also run some games at double the resolution when compared to your PSP.

3. Save and Restore
You can save and restore games at any state anytime, anywhere.

4. Transfer saves
You can transfer you game saves from your real PSP to your device with PPSSPP and continue the game with the saves you just copied.

5. Better anisotrpic filtering and text upscaling
No matter which device you’re using, PPSSPP does the filtering and upscaling for you ensuring maximum quality.

6. Free and Open Source
Download PPSSPP for Free. As for developers, the project is open source. You can find Github Repositories here.

Now, moving on to the minimum system requirements for Android, here they’re:-
1. 1.2 GHz CPU
2. OpenGL 2.1 GPU
3. 512 MB RAM

There’s no mentioned about these on the official page. This probably won’t work on an ARMv6 device. We’ll clear that out in the review soon to be posted. (4)

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