Qualcomm Toq Smartwatch Release

Though it may be a little pricy at $350, Qualcomm’s Toq smartwatch poses to be at the front of the smartwatch frontier, hoping to make many advances past what previous smartwatches have been able to do.  The Toq will be available for purchase on December 2 through the Qualcomm website for all american customers.

Like most other smartwatches, the Toq will act as an extension of the smartwatch, currently only available for use with the Android.  It will contain features such as accepting and rejecting phone calls, displaying texts, and it contains several useful widgets, as well as other useful functions.

Qualcomm does not plan for the Toq to be a product that is mass produced and over-hyped by the public, but rather a display for their new Mirasol display technology.  This technology allows for full color display while still using a low amount of energy while the screen always stays on.  This allows for the smartwatch to work for 5 days on a charge, remaining on at all times, which is a significant improvement over the Galaxy Gear which does not remain on at all times and must be charged daily, which is a huge hassle for smartwatch owners.

The Toq also has a few other energy saving features.  It includes a backlight that can be turned on for use in the dark, and there is a touch-sensitive strip that can be used as an alternative to the touch screen to save energy.  Also the watch’s battery is built into the strap, which reduces the bulk of the watch, another major complaint of users of the Galaxy Gear.


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