Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Rumors

After the flop that was the Samsung Galaxy Gear, Samsung has gone back to the drawing board and hopes that its next smartwatch will be a hit.  Instead of a big chunky bulky display, the Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will feature a curved OLED display which will fit more smoothly to the wearer’s wrist so as to make it more like a watch and less like a tech brick for your wrist.

Reports also say that Samsung has removed the parts that were said to look boring or ugly and replaced them with sleeker, more appealing features.  The Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 will launch in March or April alongside the Galaxy S5.

After the largely lukewarm reviews for the Galaxy Gear, which was said to be rushed by Samsung into the market to get ahead of the crowd, Samsung needs to make its next attempt at the smartwatch a good one.  Samsung had originally reported sales of the Gear at over 800,000, but those reports were later told to be the number of units shipped, rather than the actual number sold, which was closer to 50,000.

Samsung is also rumored to be following Google’s Google Glass with its own Galaxy Glass which will be wearable technology that will be worn in the same manner as glasses, so stay tuned for more information about other wearable technology products. (2)

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