Samsung Galaxy Gear Review

Have you heard all the hype about the new smartwatches? Well, if you have you have probably heard about the new Samsung Galaxy Gear.

Is this smartwatch all hype, or is it really worth the price? This article will answer all your questions.

Samsung is among the first to venture into an exciting new market with its new Galaxy Gear Smartwatch, which is an interesting market, not to mention a potentially big profit area for the business.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch is expected to move the new “smartwatch” gadgets from the niche market into the mainstream consumer audience.

Samsung has had a good first effort. The Android-based watch requires connection to the Smartphone via Bluetooth in order to give it an Internet connection.

This allows the user to simply update apps as well as notifications for both social media and calls. However, the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch has many useful software and hardware features on its own.

This includes; an in built camera, full display-color, Super AMOLED and S Voice functionality.

The noticeable and important role of a smartwatch besides telling time of the day is that it delivers notifications.

Moreover, emails and text messages are handled through Samsung’s popular Android email application, enabling the user to reply to texts using S Voice with an ability to delete e-mails.

It should be noted that, when delivering notifications from services like Facebook, Twitter and the Google Gmail app, early indications are that it is basic.

It also vibrates as a notification when a message is received. As soon as the notification is checked; the smartwatch shows a message that tells the user to attend to the content through the mobile device.

The other features of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch are its rubber wristband with a well-built stainless steel housing.

This makes the Gear appear more desirable compared to the plastic Pebble smartwatch. It is also more durable and appears to be a quality product.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear has got a screen of 1.63-inch 320 x 320 making it look good on the wrist as well as being capable of displaying clear text and to a lesser degree, video and pictures taken with the watch.

Powering up the screen can be achieved by lifting your wrist to look at the display. Alternatively, it can be done by pushing the single hardware button at the side of the watch.

The popular app “Evernote” can also be installed. It will give the user the addition of voice memos, which can then be translated into text.

Besides other few notable exceptions e.g. SnapChat and RunKeeper, the app store is has less than 50 apps available.

Samsung is one of the pioneer companies to present a smartwatch. In this case, the Galaxy Gear is an early option ready for the masses in time for the biggest selling season of the year.

The device currently costs approximately €349. Obviously this is not a cheap toy. However due to the strong user base Samsung has carved in the market it will surely have many early adopters for its ground breaking smartwatch. (1)

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