Samsung Standalone Smartwatch – Summer 2014

samsung gear 2 neo mwc 2014 11 300x224 Samsung Standalone Smartwatch   Summer 2014

Samsung has already clearly established itself as the leading contender in the smartwatch market.  With a 70% share in the market and multiple smartwatches, such as the Galaxy Gear and the Galaxy Gear Neo, Samsung is clearly trying very hard to maintain its huge share in the smartwatch market, and this summer may make another attempt to further its share.

A report from the WSJ says that Samsung is planning to release yet another smartwatch this summer, except there will be one key difference between this smartwatch and previous ones:  it will be a standalone smartwatch.  This means that the watch will be able to function with many of the same function as a smartphone, without the aid or connection to a smartphone.

Most previous smartwatches were functional through connection to a smartphone via bluetooth.  Samsung’s new smartwatch plans to work as a cell phone and allow users to use apps, without any need for a smartphone.  Although this has been attempted by other smartwatches like the Omate Truesmart and the Neptune Pine, neither has been successful in creating a product in high demand from the public.  Hopefully, Samsung will be able to succeed in creating the market’s first effective standalone smartwatch. (4)

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