Shatterproof Phone Screens Could Come Soon and Cheap

51 300x198 Shatterproof Phone Screens Could Come Soon and Cheap

Anyone who has owned a smartphone or any other touch screen device most likely knows what a pain it is to have a cracked phone screen.  And most times, it isn’t just one crack, it’s usually a spiderweb of cracks across the entire screen.  Scientists at the University of Akron hope to change this with a new technology that could make smartphone screens almost totally shatterproof.

They have developed transparent electrodes that would be as transparent as current smartphone screens, but they would be much more durable.  In fact, they can be bent up to 1000 time without shattering or cracking.

To add on to the fact that the technology would be incredibly useful for smartphone users, it would also be incredibly cheap.  Since it can be mass produced in rolls, the new film would most likely be even cheaper to produce than current smartphone screens.  There is not any certain time as to when these could be available in the future, but chances are very good that they will be available at some point in the near future. (1)

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