Simple tips to troubleshoot Packet Data Connection

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If you’re like me and still use Mobile Internet for your primary use, this article might be helpful for you. The main problem among some networks is that you don’t get a Packet Data Signal (GPRS, Edge, 3G, HSDPA, etc) when you actually need it. Most of these problems can be fixed easily. Here’re some tips and methods to fix the most common problems releated with Packet Data connections. Some of these might seem too obvious, but please bear with me as this article might save you 20 minutes you’d normally spend with the Customer Care.

1. Check APN Settings
Make sure to choose the correct APN. You might also get charged for using Packet Data if you don’t choose the correct APN.

2. Deactivate and Activate Packet Data
The easiest method is to deactivate Packet Data, wait for five minutes and then activate it. You can do this from the Mobile Networks Settings on Android Devices.

3. Activate Data Roaming
Enabling Data Roaming in the Android Mobile Network Settings might help at times. But, be informed that enabling this might drink up the battery juice faster though I haven’t noticed a major difference yet.

4. Reboot
Another method is to activate Packet Data, switch off your phone, remove the SIM Card[s], wait for 5 minutes, reinstall the SIm Card[s]. Switch on the Phone. Instead, you’d also try activating packet data and rebooting the phone without removing the SIM Card[s].

5. Clear Browsing Data and reboot
Clear the Browsing  Data – Cookies, Cache, Form Data etc on the Browser[s] you use and reboot following the Method 3 above.

6. Clear Browsing Data, manually choose Network and reboot
Thanks to TATA Docomo Customer Care guy for this method. Follow these steps:-

  • Clear Browsing Data as mentioned in Method 4.
  • Activate Packet Data and Data Roaming.
  • After that, even if you see a full network manually search for and register to your network.
  • Reboot as in Method 3.

If you have any problems, let us know. Comment below and we’ll do our best to solve your problem. (2)

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