A Subpar Ad for a Subpar Product – Galaxy Gear

In Samsung’s latest commercial for the Galaxy Gear, 2 men are competing for the same girl, one has the Galaxy Gear, the other does not.  The man with the Gear is smooth and gets the girl’s number by having her say it and the Gear inputs it, taking pictures of her on the ski lift while they are together, and takes pictures of her as she rides down the mountain.  Sounds kinda creepy and far from realistic.  Throughout the ad the man without the Gear is constantly fumbling around with his phone and other things, and in the end the girl obviously chooses the guy who has the Galaxy Gear, and the victor gives a fist pump to celebrate his success.  The moral of the story?  Having a Galaxy Gear will help you get the girl.

Sadly enough, reviews of the Galaxy Gear have barely been any better than the media’s reaction to this commercial.  With average utility, poor battery life, an over 30% return rate, and many other downsides to the Gear, it has been considered one of the biggest tech letdowns this year.  We can only hope that the coming year will not only produce better commercials for Samsung, but also many advancements in the smartwatch industry.

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