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  • Google G Watch to Launch in Summer

    Google’s long awaited smartwatch seems to be coming to fruition as soon as this summer.  The company’s new smartwatch called the “G Watch”, will give consumers the information they need, such as traffic and […]

  • 1980′s Apple Smartwatch Attempt

    Many people have been anticipating the arrival of an AppleSmartwatch, little did they know that Apple has already attempted do so, except it was about 30 years ago.  Back in the 80′s Apple attempted […]

  • Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 Rumors

    After the flop that was the Samsung Galaxy Gear, Samsung has gone back to the drawing board and hopes that its next smartwatch will be a hit.  Instead of a big chunky bulky display, […]

  • 3 Archos Smartwatch Options

    3 Archos Smartwatch Options

    As stated in our previous article of the Archos smartwatch, Archos is aiming to release a smartwatch that has both functionality and a low price tag.  At this year’s CES, Archos has announced that […]

  • ZTE’s Bluewatch: The Chinese Pebble

    ZTE’s Bluewatch: The Chinese Pebble

    Rumors that ZTE would soon release its own smartwatch were confirmed when ZTE announced the launch of its latest smartwatch: the Bluewatch. The Bluewatch is a cross between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch. […]

  • Qualcomm Toq $50 off For CES

    Qualcomm Toq $50 off For CES

    One reason that the Qualcomm Toq has had a hard time gaining popularity as of late is due to its high price tag at $350.  Fortunately for smartwatch fans, the Toq will be $50 […]

  • Intel Smartwatch Prototype

    Intel Smartwatch Prototype

    it is clear that Intel has big plans for the wearable technology market.  Along with announcing smart earbuds and a smart headset at this year’s CES, Intel has also revealed a smartwatch which will […]