TCL’s Smartwatch AND Smart Bracelet?

By now, most likely anyone who is the least bit interested in the technology market has heard of a smartwatch.  Even if only through commercials for the Samsung Galaxy Gear, people are aware that the market of wearable technology is on the rise, and many tech giants such as Sony, Samsung have already created wearable tech products, as well as giants like Apple and Google being rumored to have their own versions soon on the way.

TCL, a Chinese company has alluded to its own release of a smartwatch and smart bracelet, as many smaller tech companies like Qualcomm and ZTE are attempting before the big dogs release their versions of the smartwatch.  The smart bracelet is a relatively new idea however, and could have some potential for gaining extra media attention as no company has really come out with a smart bracelet yet.

TCL’s ad reads “1+1>2?”, with a smartwatch and a supposed smart bracelet in the background leaning against a smartphone.  Now would be the optimal time for companies like TCL to get their product out there as pretty much any company that has announced the release of a smartwatch has received some sort of media attention for it.  Specific details of the smartwatch/smart bracelet are yet to be seen. (2)

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