Things to do before installing or updating ROMs on Android

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Installing ROMs on an Android device can be fun at times. But, in most of the tutorials on the web you can find a disclaimer stating that neither the website nor the owner can be held resposible if your device is damaged. That’s done because the job’s risky as much as it is fun. I am not trying to scare you but, flashing a ROM improperly can cause serious problems like a messed up bootloader or even a damaged motherboard. Here’re some steps you could take to avoid a brick and/or data loss:-

Basic Steps (General Steps to be taken always)
1. Use genuine properly checked USB Cable.
2. Charge your phone to a minimum of 50% before starting installation.
3. Backup all your important data.
4. Before starting installation, download one or two stock ROMs and the flashing tool.
5. Download the proper firmware files for your phone’s exact model from trusted sources.
6. Check for tutorials on the web. More importantly, check for the comments and if you see many negative ones, find another method.

Custom Recovery Installation (Steps to be taken when installing with a Custom Recovery)
1. Clear data/Factory reset and Wipe Cache Partition from your Recovery- stock or custom before and after the installation.
2. Always make backup of a fully functional ROM before flashing another ROM.

Flash Tool Installation (Steps to take when using a Flashing tool like Odin)
1. Consider removing SIM Card and Memory Card before starting the procedure.
2. Make sure no instances of Kies or Kies Tray Agent are running when using Odin. Go to Task Manager processes and end them if they are running.
3. Turn off your Antivirus if using Odin.
4. While plugging the phone in (Download Mode), make sure the drivers are properly installed.
5. You may remove your phone from the Computer or stop the process on Odin and Odin-like applications in most cases if the installation is stuck. But, we strongly recommend you to have patience and if you still face the problem google it or comment below.
5. If on Windows 7 or higher, run flashing applications as Administrator.

This article will be updated from time to time (every time I make a new mistake :D). Stay tuned. (1)

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