Ubuntu Touch ported to Sony Xperia Tablet Z

design im 01 Ubuntu Touch ported to Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Xperia Tablet Z. Source-Forbes

Ubuntu Touch is an OS which brings or has been trying to bring Ubuntu and it’s features to tablets. Few days ago, XDA member – mamenyaka succeeded in porting Ubuntu Touch to Xperia Tablet Z. The devloper clearly mentions that this is an experimental port and that anyone who tries this has to have a backup of the ROM that worked without problems for them.

The Installation steps has been mentioned clearly on the thread and it’s pretty easy for anyone who has flashed Custom ROMs before. And, the devloper says that it’s similar to installing Cyanogen Mod. Apart from showing how to install the ROM, maenyaka has also shown how to dualboot Ubuntu Touch along with Cyanogen Mod. You can read the instructions and download the ROm in the link above.

Almost eveything seems to work fine on this version except for the Camera which hangs up when you start it and then, it starts working fine after a minute. Another issue is that side staged apps like Calculator appears black if a main-staged app like the browser is not opened. No other issues are know for now.

Anyways, this ROM does bring the features of Ubunutu Touch to Tablet Z like swping from different sides brings up a new option. Stay tuned for more and leave your comments. (0)

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