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Oppo Find 5

I already told you that Oppo loves developers and supports Custom ROMs. And, in one of their latest tweets, they informed about a competition. By the way, if you were excited I’d like to let you know that this competition is for hard core developers because the person to port Ubuntu Touc OS to Oppo Find 5 will with the unit.

Though the sposnsoring website, mhall tried 3 different developers at a conference for the port, none were able to boot to the OS. That’s when they planned to take it to the public. Now, anyone can take part and try their luck and put their skills to test.

To win the Find 5, the Port should be capable of many things. Here is the quote from the website:-

In order to win your phone, you need to get Ubuntu Touch running on the OPPO Find 5. Not just booting, but running, and is a way that makes it usable for other Find 5 owners. So I’ve set out the following things that I will be checking for:

  • The phone boots into Ubuntu Touch (obviously)
  • I can launch multiple apps and switch between them
  • I can make phone calls (I have a SIM that works)
  • I can send and receive SMS
  • I can connect to Wifi, using WPA2
  • The screen goes to sleep when pressing the power button or after the set timeout period, and wakes up again when pressing the power button
  • I can play audio with the Music app
  • I can take pictures with the front and rear cameras

If you think you can do all that, we suggest you head to the site from the link above. And, good luck. Leave your comments. (1)

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