XBOX One to launch on 22 November, 2013, CPU upgraded

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XBOX One launching on 22 November 2013

XBOX One, the next generation gaming console in the XBOX lineup will hit the markets on November 22 this year. This news was found on XBOX’s Official Twitter page. Anyways, there’s no news on the PS4 yet.

This was the only information shared on Twitter yesterday. Although, we earlier reported that the XBOX One will first launch in only 13 countries. XBOX has started full production of XBOX Ones. And, has confirmed that the 13 countries mentioned in the post (link above) will get it on November 22 while the others will have to wait for 2014 launch dates.

On the Official Blog, they’ve mentioned that the CPU which was earlier mentioned to be a 1.6 GHz clocked one has been increased and the XBOX One will now have a better 1.75 GHz CPU.

Anyways, XBOX has facilitated for gamers to reserve their XBOX One Day One consoles for $499. You can reserver yours right now here.

If you were wondering why 22 November, it’s because XBOX 360 was first launched on the same day in 2005. (2)

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