Xolo Q700 and Q600 get software update

xolo logo Xolo Q700 and Q600 get software update

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Recently Xolo rolled out updates for Xolo A800 (to Android 4.1 JB) and Xolo X900 (to Android 4.0 ICS). When I checked their updates page today I found two other phones – Q700 and Q600. Both these phones are budget smartphones with great features, but Q700 was a major hit in India.

On Xolo’s Software Update page, A800 and X900 updates have specific mentions of their Android version, whereas Q700 and Q600 don’t have such a description. So, it’s safe to assume that it’s not a 4.3 update. Rather it’s an update with some bug fixes. I don’t have these devices. So, I can’t tell what’s new in this update.

Q700 supports an external SD Card but can’t write apps to SD Card. Users have wanted a change regarding this. I am not sure if this has been changed in the new update. It’d have been great though. We’ll clear that off later.

As of now, these updates come OTA (Over the Air) or you can also download the update on your computer and install it on the phone. You can update your device to the latest version using Xolo Care app. More instructions on the update page. We suggest you to read the instructions properly before updating if you’re doing this the first time. Also, it’s better to use a WiFi or a 3G network to download the updates. And, make sure your phone is charged to a minimum of 70%.

No news of updates for Xolo Q800 or Q1000 yet. Xolo Q800 needs and is capable of running Android 4.3, but the users should at first get the update to Android 4.2 JB.

Update – Xolo Q700 update doesn’t bring App2SD feature and there aren’t any noticeable changes in the new firmware.


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