ZTE Smartwatch to be Released in 2014

With lots of companies announcing arrivals of their own smartwatch, the ZTE smartwatch will be released in the second quarter of 2014.  Much like the Galaxy Gear, ZTE’s smartwatch will only work with ZTE smartphones when it is first released, however ZTE has planned to make it compatible for use with all android smartphones at some point in the future.

At first, the smartwatch will be released only for sale in ZTE’s home market, China.  The company has not yet released and specs or information on the smartwatch other than that it will have many features similar to those of the Galaxy Gear.

ZTE hopes to separate its smartwatch from others on the market by making it for cheaper than others, as there is currently only one smartwatch available for purchase that is under $200.

This smartwatch may struggle as the Galaxy Gear has, however, because the fact that it will only be compatible with ZTE smartwatches severely limits the number of consumers that would potentially want to purchase the product.

A few smartwatches such as the Sony Smartwatch 2 and Qualcomm Toq are compatible with all android smartphones, giving them a larger audience to market to.  Adding to the available smartphone compatibility options is the Pebble, which is not only compatible with android smartphones, but also with the iPhone. (2)

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