ZTE’s Bluewatch: The Chinese Pebble

Rumors that ZTE would soon release its own smartwatch were confirmed when ZTE announced the launch of its latest smartwatch: the Bluewatch.

The Bluewatch is a cross between a fitness tracker and a smartwatch.  It does many of the features of other smartwatches such as notifications for social networks, text messages, phone calls, etc.  It also includes features that come with many fitness trackers, such as a pedometer and other personal health information like body fat percentage.

One of the most notable things about the Bluewatch is its similarity to the Kickstarter hit, Pebble smartwatch.  It has almost the exact same appearance, with a black plastic cover, E-Paper display, and even the same three buttons on the side of the watch.

As of right now, Bluewatch will only support ZTE devices, which are few and far between in America.  The watch will most likely do most of its business in China until it is able to branch out and work alongside other smartphones.

ZTE reports the watch will be available for purchase at some point in time in the first quarter, but only in China which will most likely limit the smartwatch’s marketability.  Details such as release date and price will most likely soon be announced by ZTE. (2)

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